Sunday, April 4, 2010

Let the Games Begin

Husband advised: check
So let the boy chasing begin!

But I have to say that my resolve is waning... the celibacy thing is looking tempting again... but that will probably change back again in a moment.

Nonetheless, I shaved my legs and tried to find time in my rigorous academic schedule to “bump” into Jason. When that wasn’t successful, I invited everyone over to my place for Game Night at my place.

Before the guests arrived, I took a moment to shoot off a note to my wise council.

update, as promised:

Game night at my place tonight. I believe he is coming.

Just got off the phone with Joey and here is what he said:

            Joey: So you will be jumping him tonight?
            Me: no! I will not.
            Joey: So, you will be playing games with him tonight?
            Me: Yes! I will be playing Games with him tonight. (::wink, wink::)
            Joey: Ok, your goal for tonight is to set a time where it will be just you and he alone.
            Me: NO!!! that scares me.
            Joey: yes, that is your goal. I just set it.
            Me: You can't set goals for me!
            Joey: too bad, I just did.

So I am off to shower. I will report when I have something to report.

Upon the conclusion of the evening I shot off another update:

I failed on Joey’s goal (which I am fine with.) But there was some quality flirting occurring.

Good...forget Joey's advice, your task is to honor yourself and take it as it comes! :)

hehe. yes. but the conversation was hilarious, I guess you had to be there. It's all good. I think of all the stages of 'love' this is my favorite: the flirting, pheromones flying, uncertainty, the twitterpation... I'm going to savor it. :)

Mine too! Yummy anticipation!! :)


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