Thursday, April 29, 2010

They warn you to not drink and text

word of advice:
never text late at night, whether or not you have been drinking. In fact, it seems that horniness might get one into way more trouble than alcohol ever did.

Thursday nights I participate in a fellowship group which meets in the same apartment complex as the young man who is the object of my affection. At the end of our meeting, it took all my might to get in my car and not barge through his door, climb into his bed and have my way with him. Instead I met up with some friends at Trivia Night and then went home.

Savannah called as I walked in the door, so I confessed my struggle to overcome my primal urges. As the conversation progressed, we came up with the brilliant idea to flirt via text message. It took us thirty minutes to craft the perfect message. I thought I was so clever and alluring.

Hey. Was just thinking- you should blow off the party tomorrow and hang with me. :)

I sent the message, secretly hoping that he would respond immediately but knowing that I would most likely have to wait until the next day. Savannah was very kind to distract me with fabulous girl talk until the wee hours of the morning.

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