Friday, April 9, 2010

This is what happens when you allow a chemical engineer to give you relationship advice:

I chatted with Joey today and he enlightened me on the one half + 7 rule...that's a good one. Glad you eek in under the rule with this guy! (and how funny/not funny would it be if he knew 6 of your girlfriends and at least one guy friend were helping you plot your every move in relation to him!!! :) love it.

Joey says the formula doesn't work for girls to boys, only boys to girls... he's working on one for females... in the meantime, I'll stick with the 15 yr rule. (btw- I just did the math for Joey’s rule, and Jason wouldn't make the cut... doh. so we will stick to the 15 year rule.)

And if Jason can't handle me seeking wise counsel, then he can't handle me.

Well I was thinking the same thing...that he will probably think its cute, IF he were to find out, because its SO "you"!

You do mean Joey the human, not Joe Joe the dog? :) ;) [my dog is named after Joey]

ok... if I start taking advice from a dog, we have too many problems to list. ;-)

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