Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Wise Council responds.

the responses of love and support came pouring in:

Miriam replied:
Haha... So, my "are you getting your Cougar on" question was not soooooo far off the mark (joking, joking, you can't throw anything at me over the Internet!). Well, as the daughter of a mother who is older than her husband, and the granddaughter of a grandmother who was older than her husband, I say, go for it. Just be careful. But have fun!

Savannah replied:
Go for it!! That's my 2cents...just don't do anything stupid. (like marry him-aHem) I mean, OK, if after like 7 years you guys are soo happy and he is all that...then hey, fine, marry him.

You do realize that 7 years is longer than either of my marriages?

Oh LaLa, go for it! Have fun and I promise if you even start to think or talk about marriage to come down to Georgia and kidnap you until you come to your senses! Be upfront and honest (like you could be any other way) and just have fun!!! Sending lots of good juju your way! I hope that you get those stirring feelings stirred! xoxo

There is nothing wrong at all about deepening your friendship with him. Friendships are based on honesty and communication :)

haha! "deepening" ::snicker::

you are SUCH a dork *grin*

Have fun sweetie! and I agree with Miriam, just be careful (ie: dont get pregnant) don't mean to be a wet blanket ;). I LOVE U, be true to yourself and enjoy. I am so thrilled for you to have those stirring feelings. ;).

You do realize we'll now want "reports from the field" :).

Yes, ditto that. :)

haha! you all are a bunch of dirty old ladies!!

And this would be the motivation behind this blog.

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